Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pergolakan Lagi


In Egypt, we have to expect the unexpected. And we must understand there's this one inevitable reality in here; all abnormal things are normal in Egypt. Only in Egypt yeaahh....

What is the unexpected thing you must expect in Egypt?

You were just about to sleep when suddenly you woke up hearing bomb explosion, and you felt like your vestibular nucleus (in your ear) exploded along. Dan berdengung. You were panicking and you just sat quiet for a while on your matress, and did a lil bit of thinking...

"Apa itu? Guruh ke? Don't tell me its gonna be raining heavily after the real freezing weather last week?"

But to to tell it was guruh, it was not, because it was not. Guruh had never caused the balcony door and window vibrate so loud and your house moving. Okay, it wasn't moving but it felt like it was.

Then you started to think...

Was it really a bomb?

You tried hard to deny it. Eventually you ran out of your room to your housemate, next door.

She heard the same explosion sound.

At the moment like that, keep calm, don't cry and just take your tablet or iPad, look at what Facebook have.

Yeahh... it's true!

(Okay, let's change the 'you' to 'I')

My friends also heard the same explosion.

I tried to get back to sleep as I got class early the next morning. I tried hard to let myself into a deep sleep despite the sound of ambulance, tak putus-putus dari pukul 1 pagi sampai tengahari tu.

Doakan keselamatan. Doakan Islam akan terus tertegak di seluruh wilayah yang pernah dikuasai Islam dulu, dan doakan pembukaan wilayah-wilayah baru selepas Islam tertegak dengan kalimah Lailahaillallah, Muhammad Rasulullah.

Btw, I think this winter gonna be most relaxing winter, maybe kena duduk rumah saja.

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