Saturday, November 3, 2012

Abah. Abang. Kakak.

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Erks, women do have arguments, sometimes. Call them childish or what... women are emotional haha.

Me too.

And as a professional, you shouldn't react negatively, or do the same to those who hurt you badly.
Abah yang kata macam tu.
Abang Azizi pun kata macam tu.
Kak Yah pun kata macam tu.

(Eheh tiba-tiba nama abang dan kakak jadi lain haha. Ini abang ipar dan kakak angkat. Here in Mansoura.)

Thinking about it again, I feel very bad to do that. Duk sibuk kata kat orang meremehkan manusia lain, tanpa sedar I was reacting the same.


Ada hikmah. So that the person learns, maybe. To make her grow.
And to make me grow too.

Sebab it happens to the extent that makes me annoyed and tired. Enough. I think that's why I do that.

Miane, chingu.

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