Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Really Bitter (Personal Feeling)

Salam alaik.

Rejection is the most potent cause of hatred.
Be it strong or weak person, semua akan sedih kalau kena reject oleh orang yang kita selalu bersama-sama dengan dia.

Yes, it is because of different political view.
Yes, because I did and still do the sharing is caring things in Facebook, telling people about Khilafah.

And they reject the idea all the way.

Susah kot jadi perempuan.

Emosi selalu menggunung melebihi logik akal.

Cuba jugak berfikir di mana salah diri sendiri.
Last-last sekali kesimpulannya balik kepada ujian dari Allah.

"You spit out bad words about their group?"
Baru tadi abah tanya. (Ohoh if only abah knows that I am now in a different political view, the real one that he needs to find out)

"I did not."
Nerve wrecking. How am I going to tell him the truth?

Being independence now seems like a crime.
Yet being too dependence is like prison.

Yeah. Allah puts me there to make me struggle out of the comfort zone.

Sedih tu sedih la.

But me being "expressionless"... can that kill down their kerek?

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