Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tested Before Exam


Yeah it is the time of the semester. Exam.

Tested with a bunch of hatred towards exams.

Because studying Islam, applying and spreading Islam are more realistic.

Of course I want to be a doctor, am at a loss if Allah puts me at the position of knowing nothing about the human body.

This is the test when a human being worships Allah.

I ask the same Q today.

Back then, years ago before SPM, I screamed quietly in my heart,

"Kenapa kena belajar Sejarah dan hafal semua benda ni kalau saya nak ambik medik?"

That time the purpose of my life is to become a doctor, get married, have kids, get money... see my parents smile proudly, of me.

Had never heard of the purpose of humans and jinn creation before I came to Egypt.

And today I ask myself, and probably I want Allah to answer too...
Why do I have to study this and sit for exams when I only want Khilafah to be established?
Nak marahkan siapa je. You were the one agreed to pursue in this field. You sign the contract.

Even so, when the  Khilafah is established (AMIN, YA RABB!!) the people in the Daulah Islam need doctors. If you are to be there in the daulah, just sit there doing nothing...

Fine. Writing such entry makes me think though.

Now I know why I have to study.

I want to help Muslims in the daulah soon.

Long term objective. (Who knows it could be the short term one? We never know when will Allah give us the victory.)

And don't stop spreading the truth of real Islam.

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