Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dia Cakap Kelantan


I just being reminded to a conversation with my lil cousin. She was five, born in Selangor and followed her big sister to Kelantan.

I thought that all kids do catch up with different language very quickly. Mentang-mentang masa darjah satu dah reti cakap Sabah... so I thought the kids would be like that... LOL

I asked Aisyah (Aisyah Humaira)

Me: Aisyah pandai cakap Kelantan tak?

Aisyah: (angguk) Pandai.

Me: Cuba Aisyah cakap Kelantan, Kak Bihah nak dengar. (semangat!)




So when people ask me, pandai cakap Arab tak...

Mesti la reti... ARAB. :P

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