Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reject Me Back, Please.


Many don't know this.

He doesn't like you because you don't like him.
She doesn't like you because you don't like her.
They don't like you because you don't like them.

Apakah ini?

Kita tak nak orang reject kita.
Kita tak nak orang ignore kita.
Kita nak orang sedar kita ada kat situ di tepi mereka.

Tapi tanpa kita sedar
kita telahpun terlebih dahulu reject orang.
Awal-awal lagi kita ignore orang.
We don't really sense their presence beside us.

How do we do that actually?

Muka kita. 

Kemasaman dan ketidaksenyuman itu mengundang segala rejection.

Kita harap dia dulu yang say-hi-how-are-you-have-you-eaten-breakfast-this morning? kepada kita.

Unconsciously, we say to them
Reject me back, please
because I've rejected you earlier
We say to them
Please ignore me
yet we really want their appreciation.

So not to make we feel rejected
or causing people to reject us for real
just say hi first
smile first
don't wait for them to do it first

if you really have problem to do these
then ask other people if you're egoistic

Thinking of this...
maybe that's why Rasulullah saw suruh bagi salam
to connect people (not by Nokia and Facebook)
to start the ukhuwwah
and to tighten it
to make Muslims united (Muslim United??)
(MU yeaahhhaaa)

Thinking of this...
Maybe that's why
some people say
(including my ummi)
as we get up, recite doa bangun tidur
and smile
to cause the muscle of your face contracted (and some are relaxed)
to create a happening face
not to cause the kemasaman heheh
so it would reject the rejection face.

1. give salaam (ohoh teringat Aiman Azlan)
2. and smile.


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