Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Solution: Animals Got Problems Too, That's Why Masalah Negara Tak Selesai

Bismillah. Salam alaik.

The FB is very chaotic with the words: LISTEN and ANIMALS GOT PROBLEMS TOO.

Well, brother Azizi had once tell me that a loser in a debate is the one who goes astray far away from the topic and try to create a new issue. He can't stick his mind to the actual topic being discussed.

Berat nanang kekeke...

Pendidikan percuma tak boleh buat sebab kucing mintak tulang ayam kat kedai makan, anjing gonggong tulang and sharks get their fins eaten by humans. 'Oh manusia sangat rakus'.

It was all about democracy. -.-'

And it was all about freedom of speech.

One person speak about a certain topic that makes the other person offended. Dan kebebasannya untuk bersuara disekat serta-merta. And yet the offended one claims to know what is democracy?

Selepas dia menyekat kebebasan bersuara pihak lawan, dia juga telah menyekat kebebasan bersuara seorang lagi audience. Dia baru deny freedom of speech which is included in democracy.

Why was that so?

Sebab she didn't know that democracy includes the freedom of speech.

Saya bukan pejuang democracy. But seeing the situation exploding here and there in FB, YouTube and Twitter, I feel like laughing. Pendidikan ialah tanggungan pemerintah. Yang mana tak boleh dilaksanakan pada zaman kapitalis ni. Seeing the offended one is funnier. Kesiannya dia.

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