Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Show It Off


A sister kindly shared a status of a friend of ours yesterday...

Yes it is true that we may want to show to our friends or at least our families of what we have been doing, what we eat, what we drink...

But do not forget that some other people are also watching back there behind the Facebook's wall, which we may not know if they are swallowing their saliva seeing our photos of those food.

Not all Facebookers got money to eat.
If they have money it may not be enough to spend on all those expensive luxurious food, cukup buat makan roti je.

And especially those studying oversea.
Sometimes they cooked those cuisines (which I thought to be very difficult to be cooked) and showed 'em all in FB.
Some other colleagues couldn't have eat them too.

And how can you eat proudly when some other Muslims there in Syria, Rohingya and Palestine do not have anything to eat?

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