Monday, April 8, 2013

Truth: Like I Care!



truth stands by its own.
no matter how much people hate it.
it stands still even if minority of people like it
and majority hates it very much
but truth will not fade away

i was taught to do anything for the sake of my own good
not for the others
that's why i was the only one who didn't know (was and still is a real geek in fashion) 
to wear those fancy top and jeans
at the age of 12 y.o.
i only know baju kurung
and plain t-shirt (to be wear at home)

showing your aurah to public is wrong
even non of my friend would wear baju kurung with me
(that time I didn't know jilbab is compulsory)
the thing that was and still is right
is to cover the aurah

and it isn't aurah only
there are too many topics if we want to spill words about truth

truth doesn't stand because of people

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