Sunday, April 14, 2013

Duke's Shampoo and His Plate


Let me show you a photo I get from Facebook yesterday.

Photo: satu peringatan utk korang semua dan aku sekali~

-hedemin iv-

In which system does this start?

Who are the biggest capitalist power in this world? Yet they claim to be our savior?

Forget it, if the name is 'capitalist' then you'll get nothing to live in this world unless you choose to be one of them.

Capitalism is an individualistic system. It is carried out in most countries all over the world in the term of democracy. (Aku alah dengan nama ni)

Democracy backs the freedom of individuals, so do not ask why these people couldn't even have food for tomorrow's living. Aku bebas mengaut apa sahaja hasil bumi untuk diri aku sahaja, aku bebas mengeksploit.

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Malus domestica said...

Saye prcayekan ulama :)

Khairun said...

apa yg ulama ckp?

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