Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mainan Psiko Sesetengah Perempuan


When I was in my first year I recognized that I wasn't really reactive towards harsh words. The reactions were only limited in my heart but not manifested mentally or physically.

Today at the age of 20 years and plus somethin... months and days... I realize that whenever I feel very offended towards anyone who would piss me off then I do nothing about them, just let them live, do what I have to do, study and eat and go to school...

I let them do what they want to do, pretend as if I am not listening to any harsh words threw at me... and at least if I wanna blow out, my dad would always be ready to listen. And sometimes (all the time actually) I spill to sister Ainul.

Do you know what happen when you act as if nothing had happened?

You piss them off in return, whether you want it or not. It is just like you just give them a pay back, kill down their kerek...

You just need to have a big thinking.

No one can ever affect you unless you allow them to.

People throw harsh words to you to see you blown up. But if you show only calmness and peacefulness, they'll be blown up in return.

This is the best 'psycho' game in human being.

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