Friday, March 22, 2013

I Miss Her

I love her
I realize there's no word would elaborate my  feeling towards her
Although I was used to pull her hair (I was 5 years old that time)
Despite of the scar she left on my abdomen (by her tooth you knowww)
Regardless the fights we had back then
They were only ways we used to show love as immature kids

I miss her
I miss to listen to her jokes
(because I am the only one who would understand her jokes, no one else do)

Allah, give her strength to face the world
Give her knowledge to face people
Let her become a person who is fulfilled with your love, and our love

I do not want her to become weak
I want her to become strong
Stronger than me

Manja pun manja la
I don't care
Because I love her as the she is

Allah, give her strength, make her the strongest

Let her learn

I love you

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