Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(Spill Out The Feeling) When Love Has Nowhere to Go


She once said that I am full of love. Expressionless upon emotion-loaded-story.

I am all that.

Cooks. Bihun, fried rice and jemput-jemput. I did all and fed her really well.

Allah writes a better story for us, He made her returning back to Malaysia for a while.

Was praying so that she wouldn't have to. But in here, I am not director.

I feel like lost. Because this love has nowhere to go.

She'll come back insyaAllah.

Though that I am doing good but the emptiness is all here in my heart. Ecece jiwang.

Exam is around the corner. (di sekitar penjuru, bak kata abang saya)

But without her here for the first day, I don't feel like doing anything except termangu di hadapan laptop.

No energy.

this is me. even handsome Lee Seung Gi can't take my attention of my beloved sister off. ha ha ha.

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